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What is micro-schooling?

Micro-schooling is the reinvention of the one-room school house. Class size is smaller than that of most schools and there may be mixed-age level groupings. Flexible scheduling with shorter, more efficient days allows students to work smarter, not harder. Different modalities are explored and tailored to the individual students. Guided by caring educators, students can learn to collaborate with each other, respect the learning process, and take responsibility for their education. As experienced, responsive, compassionate educators, we are able to find creative solutions to build the most productive learning environment. We are also able to work with schools to supplement or support students in their current educational setting or prepare students for the upcoming school year.

Is micro-schooling a good solution for schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As parents navigate the challenges of the "new normal," many are also struggling with difficult decisions about sending children back to school or continuing to have them school from home. Remote learning benefits only a small percentage of learning styles causing students to struggling and parents to worry about their students falling behind. Micro-schooling is a way to keep parents from becoming the primary educator for their students and allow students to socialize safely in a controlled, distanced way with a hand-selected group of students. Schooling "pods" learn and socialize while minimizing exposure and provide relief for parents without sacrificing the quality of education. 

Who benefits from micro-schooling?

While any student will benefit from one-on-one attention, micro-schooling is especially helpful for students for whom traditional classroom settings are not a perfect fit. Traditional schooling's one-size-fits-all approach can be challenging for students who need to learn differently. Micro-schooling customizes the curriculum, teaching style, and even the length of the day to ensure students achieve their educational goals. Micro-schooling can help advanced students outpace their peers or help students that are struggling meet and exceed expectations by being immediately responsive to its students' needs

What is The House of Tutors approach to micro-schooling?

Because we specialize in micro-schools for 1-5 students, the possibilities for learning are infinite if we open ourselves up to really listening and responding to how our students like to learn. We begin by assessing the current academics circumstances of the students to build a personalized approach to schooling; no two micro-schools will have the same needs, so each school will be different and reflect those needs.

How do I know if micro-schooling with The House of Tutor is right for me?

Please feel free to call us at 818-305-4728, email us at, or book a no-cost consultation at

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